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  1. Sophia

    Well, I know this is a very old post but I’m kinda new to this, I hope you’re still writing so this post of mine doesnt go unread and if you are I will try to catch up to your more recent stuff.

    If women need to be lied to about a relationship then is it by chance because it is a very shallow relation to begin with?

    Most uncommitted relationships are based on as little fact as possible so as we begin our little trek into knowing someone it comes to fact that our little knowing eventually becomes fact.
    Since relationships are based on looks at this point, say for instance I look easy, or some other necessary quality, and then it’s found out that I do not fulfill that quality, it becomes of necessity to back off and here it is reasonable to say that the little lies begin. One cannot outright say, “you aren’t the sexpot I mistook you for” that would be considered rude and shallow, no one would want these labels to follow them about, so rather you begin your search elsewhere and begin the process of weaning off the immediate relationship. Or in other words putting her down easy as to not cause a scene. Woman have become so accustomed and accepting of this behavior that they are set to a cycle in which it seems to never end. One relationship after the next until they come upon the man who sets them straight and gives it to them raw. Of course in these situations that guy is always portrayed as the bad guy, “how could he say such things” etc, etc.
    So in closing its not that we like liars, it just seems that, that’s all we get.


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